Resisting DRM: Doctorow on the iPad, ‘Sita’ and Netflix

Here are a couple of stories related to taking a stand on principles concerning DRM:
In Cory Doctorow’s latest editorial for Publishers Weekly, Doctorow sets his sights on the iPad and bangs the “DRM Is Evil” gong for all he’s worth. He talks about Apple’s infamously restrictive policies that promulgate device lock-in, and warns against […]

Susan Piver: Publishing industry repeating mistakes of music industry

Found via TechDirt: Ex-music-industry-exec Susan Piver, who I covered a few days ago for her comparison of Macmillan’s pricing change to the way the music industry went down the tubes around the turn of the century, has made another post comparing the two industries.
This is actually an article she wrote after being badly […]

Do we not read as much anymore because the Internet has sapped our attention spans?

Could part of the reason for the decline in reading be a declining attention span brought on by overstimulation with information? Some recent editorials and articles suggest it might be a possibility.
Ars Technica’s Nate Anderson chronicles an exchange between New Yorker writer George Packer and New York Times “Bits” blogger Nick Bilton. Packer is […]