This theme is what has been driving my professional life, the one in which I am hoping to push the boundaries of knowledge and transform theory into practice.

The core question is whether the ‘e’ in e-learning is supposed to represent: is it e- for electronic or for enhanced learning? Is the e- at all useful to represent the learning? My take is that the learning experiences often turn into self-directed struggles with technology and often lead to failure rather than an enhancement of learning. Yet, the internet is an incredibly powerful and varied source of learning, knowledge sharing and development of expertise which is completely free.

Somehow, those considered less ‘social’ in real life, take for example geeky computer programmers, create thriving communities of practice far more effective than formal instruction.

The experts in education know that working with peers is effective, yet in a traditional educational context this often doesn’t work, students like to be taught. Take them outside the context and people can learn from others much more effectively.

So is learning technology useful? What type of learning technology works and why? Does learning technology suit better certain types of people? These are all questions which I will explore under this theme.

Another aspect which I will take into account is the role of tools and technologies for pedagogical purposes and discuss how these can be used more effectively.

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