When I first started this site it was meant to be a simple remote repository to aggregate interesting ideas about everything digital, which could be remotely connected to the work I was doing for my doctoral thesis.

In fact, I am one of those people who grew up with technology.  Unlike the previous generation in which many found it difficult to keep the pace with the changes or the following generation, which people like Prensky called the ‘digital natives’, for whom a life without facebook seems boring,  we had an ambivalent and complex relation with technology.

Some critics branded us the video-games generation, just to highlight the fact that the improvement of computing power and miniaturization brought the need for new consoles, but we are also a much more heterogeneous cohort.

One of the aspects which I will explore is the value of digital life between discussing issues between the useful and essential.

There is no doubt that technology has brought massive improvements in our lives, yet I will question whether technology has made us more vulnerable, more dependent, mentally lazy and, in some cases, even addicted. I will also question when digital becomes a necessity or ask if it is at all necessary.

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