i bet i’m not the only one out here pondering whether an ipad is a good purchase or not… i also guess that like for macs in general, there are those completely ecstatic about it, no matter which flaws are in it, and those who are now jumping on the ‘not another windows, it’s an apple hegemony’ bandwagon saying that at the end of the day apple is like microsoft in their king of the universe complex.

so here it goes like the old mac vs pc parody:

this battle of the readers is not too far

currently i have a sony reader and despite the fact i like it very much, i feel that the lack of colours limits the hardware considerably. the kindle has the same issue: it might be lighter and brighter, but it is still in black and white!

i also have an iphone, not version 4, and i’m pretty happy with that as well, but although i can do many things with it, the screen is tiny and would love to have a bigger one. what’s the improvement though, a few inches?

so what is going to be? let’s wait and see is my verdict. it seems that everyone is jumping on the tablet format these days and i’m hoping that Santa will bring some festive enlightment!

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to ipad or not to ipad, this is the question
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