DSCF0050.JPGLarry Kirshbaum, LJK Literary Movement; Ken Cader, PUblishers Lunch; Ken Brooks, Cengage Learning; Evan Schnittman, Oxford University Press; Mike Shatzkin, moderator

If you were publishing a book this month and did an ebook simultaneously what percentage of total sales would it sell?: They answer: 17% at highest to 5%; 10% now and 35% lifetime; 6% to 15%; 10%

Apple and Google enter the market, what will this do?: They answer: good news for publishers because add big players to compete with Amazon; Amazon will continue to grow but its share will fall; Apple is just an experiment at this point, but Google will have a major impact; Amazon becoming device agnostic with release of Blackberry app and huge potential for further growth; industry needs Amazon, bookstores and big box stores and has to find a model that works for all of them

Erights: new Amazon 70/30 deal will not affect major best sellers but will be beneficial for smaller titles

International rights: will territorial rights survive with ebooks? don’t see why it should change anything and technology may mak
e it easier to enforce; defining territories will be a real mess – where you are, where you bought the device, where you are when you buy the book, etc?; maybe better to split rights as “world English” and “translation”;

Will legacy publishers need to scale down in the next few years: physical infrastructure will need to go down; fixed costs will be cut throughout the supply chain; publishers have cut to the bone and don’t need to be smaller they need to be more responsive; large publishers have one major thing on their side – they can still create “magic”; science of aggregating audiences may take away from the necessity for “magic”

Other comments: in audiobook world a Netflix model has been very successful and this will work well and get bigger in the library model;

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Apple is an experiment and Google will have a big impact
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