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Remember how McGraw-Hill’s CEO blithely leaked about his company’s involvement with the iPad last night? Insiders tell VentureBeat that as a result, any mention of his company was entirely dropped from the iPad’s launch today.

If true, not a great surprise. You don’t tug on Superman’s cape, you don’t spit into the wind, you don’t pull the mask off the old Lone Ranger, and you don’t leak on a Steve Jobs launch presentation.

And speaking of Jobs’s launch presentation, Engadget reports that you can now watch it streamed in its entirety. Granted, it has been pretty much “spoiled” by this point, but still, the opportunity to invite Jobs’s reality distortion field into your living room only comes around a few times per year!

And does the iPad have Flash or not? Apparently you can build iPad apps with it, but not use it in the iPad’s web browser.

In my post about the iPad’s launch, I was concerned that iBooks might mean Apple would be inclined to shove out the other e-book applications, since they do not bring Apple 30% of revenues.

Apparently Amazon does not believe this is going to be the case, as they tell the New York Times that Kindle e-books will in fact be readable on the iPad. Likewise, e-textbook startup Inkling seems confident it will be able to put e-textbooks on the iPad.

I have emailed Apple’s media relations contact email address with questions about iBooks and how it relates to other e-book applications. Hopefully they will respond with some answers.

Incidentally, apparently iBooks copies not only the appearance of Classics, but also of the Macintosh application Delicious Library—and neither of those apps’ designers is particularly thrilled about it.

And here are a couple of stories about what the iPad does not have. TechCrunch’s CrunchGear complains about the lack of an SD card slot (and Apple’s solution: sell a dock connector SD card reader). Meanwhile, ReadWriteWeb thinks that the lack of a camera is a serious problem. I’m just disappointed it does not come with a pony.

David Pogue has some rather brilliant observations on all the iPad-bashing that is happening at the moment, along those lines.

Finally, CNet wonders whether or not the iPad should be considered a computer. I just wonder whether it matters.

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iPad quick link roundup
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