Do we not read as much anymore because the Internet has sapped our attention spans?

Could part of the reason for the decline in reading be a declining attention span brought on by overstimulation with information? Some recent editorials and articles suggest it might be a possibility.
Ars Technica’s Nate Anderson chronicles an exchange between New Yorker writer George Packer and New York Times “Bits” blogger Nick Bilton. Packer is […]

Amazon purchases touch-screen startup; on e-ink, LCD, and eyestrain

One fairly big news item to hit today involves Amazon’s purchase of Touchco, a 6-person startup company with a new multitouch-capable, completely transparent touch-screen overlay technology.
A number of the blogs and news sources linking this story remark on how this technology is capable of use with the current multi-color LCD technology that drives the […]

Amazon capitulates in Macmillan e-book disagreement: Higher e-book prices ahead?

It appears the feud is over, with the publisher winning this time. Turns out Amazon’s pulling Macmillan titles was just a token gesture.
Amazon has posted the following announcement to its Kindle Community forum:
Dear Customers:
Macmillan, one of the "big six" publishers, has clearly communicated to us that, regardless of our viewpoint, they are committed to […]