Majority of pirated files are not hacked ebooks: they are scanned pbooks, manuscripts and galleys

Untangling and understanding the ebook supply chain
Peter Balis, John Wiley and Sons; Niel Del Young, Hachette Book Group; Leslie Hulse, Harper Collins; Andrew Weinstein, Ingram Digital; Mark Coker, Smashwords
Ingram: in ebook supply chain a lot of posturing going on and in a gawky stage. Roles are still shaking out. Still a role for wholesaler […]

Major survey of ebook consumers: major benefits of ebooks relate to price

Angela Bole, Book Industry Study Group; Kelly Gallagher, Bowker.
First presentation of data from a major industry survey ofebook consumers. 95% confidence level
Demographics: male 51%, female 49%; income over 75K 37%, 35K to 75K, 38%, under 35K, 25%; 23% RURAL, 24% URBAN, 43% suburban
Whey e instead of P?: in order 1. affordability, 2. easy […]