Chinese survey on reading – newspapers down, digital reading up

According to the Global Times, the 7th annual National Reading Survey canvassed 29 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities and covered over 19,000 readers.
It round that newspaper reading declined 15.6 percent and paperback reading declined as well.
24.6 percent of the respondents had read digital books and 91 percent of them said that they would not […]

Obooko website – for new authors to test the water

I got this email from Tony Stanton of Obooko and thought it was worth reproducing in part:
obooko is a new (we started November 2009) website devoted to giving new writers the opportunity to test-the-water before committing to print. And for established authors to promote their work.
The idea is that new writers self-publish and gain experience […]

Tech Change: The library’s changing approach to ebooks and technology! By Tony Bandy

For many of us ebook readers, we are surrounded by physical libraries, yet very often they don’t even register on our radar screen. Too many of us still equate them storytimes, tax forms and the latest paperback thriller. I would argue however, that this perception is wrong and that libraries are changing to […]

Essential reading of the new filings on the Google Book Settlement

Resource Shelf pointed me to this great roundup of the most interesting filings on the Settlement. It is from Professor James Grimmelmann’s (New York Law School) site The Laboratorium The Creative Commons licensed article is reproduced here in full:
Here are some of my picks for the most interesting filings to come in yesterday. This […]