Your Library and the Ebook Format Wars—A Good Change? by Tony Bandy

I noticed that in the stories following CES this year, lots of media outlets were amazed at the sheer quantities of e-readers, tablets and other media devices on parade. Library Journal,, also noted this but mentioned as well new companies such as COPIA,, and Blio,, which are advocating new methods and […]

Essential reading of the new filings on the Google Book Settlement

Resource Shelf pointed me to this great roundup of the most interesting filings on the Settlement. It is from Professor James Grimmelmann’s (New York Law School) site The Laboratorium The Creative Commons licensed article is reproduced here in full:
Here are some of my picks for the most interesting filings to come in yesterday. This […]

Majority of pirated files are not hacked ebooks: they are scanned pbooks, manuscripts and galleys

Untangling and understanding the ebook supply chain
Peter Balis, John Wiley and Sons; Niel Del Young, Hachette Book Group; Leslie Hulse, Harper Collins; Andrew Weinstein, Ingram Digital; Mark Coker, Smashwords
Ingram: in ebook supply chain a lot of posturing going on and in a gawky stage. Roles are still shaking out. Still a role for wholesaler […]